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E-mail address:
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Telephone Number:
1-800-635-5066 Ext. 655

2023 - 2024


Coordinator's Guide

Implementation Guide


Barcode Example
  • Write your school code on our individual brochure and/or PTA/O link forms. PTA/O form link:
  • Send emails to school community advising them to link or relink their card.
  • Prepare a take-home letter for parents and boosters, encouraging them to support your school's Tools for Schools program referring them to website to link their cards.
  • Include the individual link forms and parent letter in registration material provided to parents.
  • Prepare a list of functions at your school where parents and boosters can link their cards. Include sporting events, PTA/O meetings, Open House and any other events parents will be found.


Get you cards linked! This must be done each year. Here are some ideas on how to link the Ingles Advantage Card 12 digit number.

  • Collect all link forms. Have a representative from your school enter them on-line ( Parents and friends can link online if they wish or by visiting the facebook page.
  • Make copies and take to your local Ingles or send them directly to our offices:

    Ingles Markets Inc.
    Tools for Schools
    PO Box 6676
    Asheville, NC 28816
    Attn: TFS Coordinator, Advertising

  • Gather PTA/O forms and logon to the Tools For Schools website to enter the card infomation.
  • Send out reminder emails to the school community reminding them that relatives and friends can also link their card to your school.

Getting your linking information entered on-line is key to your programs success!


  • Maintain contact with boosters and parents. Encourage participants to continue shopping at Ingles to help your school earn more money.
  • Keep link forms and program information available at all school functions.
  • Check totals on reporting dates and inform participants on progress.


  • Click here to retrieve final dollars.
  • Order your school equipment prior to June 23, 2024.
  • Send a thank you letter to your boosters and parents for their support, including a list of what you were able to purchase with your earnings.
  • Email, call or write us! We would like to know how Ingles has helped your school!



Remember, to earn dollars for supplies, tools and equipment, have parents and friends link their Ingles Advantage Card to your school every August.