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Ideas That Work

Below you will find ideas that have been sent to us by coordinators who have had success with their program. If you develop a particular program that works well for you, share it with us! Please remember, you MUST have all 12 digits for the numbers to be the card to be used. Remember, you can link friends, and family of your school. The customer does not have to have a child at your school; they just must want to be linked to your school.

When the children return to school, have a contest! The class with turning in the most Advantage Cards with the customer's name will receive a little party or prize. You may want to develop your own form for you school to have your school name and/or I.D. preprinted on the form.

Contact your local Ingles and ask for a representative to be present at school events. The representative is an excellent voice for the program and will assist those wishing to support your school. Phone numbers can be found on our website.

Pick a particular item that your school can work for at the beginning of the program, such as office supplies or a computer. Encourage the community to help your school achieve their goal in buying that item. Send updates to parents and the community letting them know the progress that is being made towards that item.

Get your schools website involved! Provide a link to the program website ( Parents and friends can link online if they wish and monthly updates are also available throughout the program.

We also are happy for you to use our graphics on your website. This may be found at / Please consider this our written permission to use the graphics provided.

In the Tools for Schools program, an individual account can be set up for specific items. In the past, the Tools for Schools program have helped schools buy new band uniforms, instruments, and even a new air conditioning system! The process is the same as registering for a new school, but it does require advanced approval. Contact our Ingles Program Coordinator to find out more!


Evergreen Community Charter School

Pink HairTwo years ago, I decided to run a contest to see what class could sign up the most Advantage Cards to support Evergreen. With every good contest, there must be something fun for the winners... so, the class that won got to choose what color to dye my hair. This was a contest that even the 8th graders got involved in! Our parents asked their neighbors that didn't have school aged children to link their card. I am an avid garage sale patron and one Saturday I went to a sale and found one of our kindergarten students sitting behind a table collecting Avantage Card numbers to link to Evergreen! Talk about proud. As it turned out, the winner was a kindergarten class and they picked PINK! For months, my hair was a beautiful shade of pink. This is not for the timid of heart, but it certainly worked to motivate our students.

I meet with every family over the summer and part of our summer paperwork is to make sure that their card number is the same. As soon as the site opens up, I begin to enter, along with volunteer parents, all of the Advantage Card numbers for the new year. Any time that we have grandparents at events, we always make sure that their card is linked. It just becomes a habit to ask, "Have you linked your Ingles Advantage Card to Evergreen?"

With the state of the economy, this program is so family friendly. We are so appreciative to Ingles for offering this to all schools.


North Habersham Middle School

We offer our students an incentive for returning their Ingles forms. I give the forms to kids on their first library day and let them know if they bring it back we will give them a fun sized candy bar. We also have a drawing of all students who returned their form by a certain date. We usually give away an iPod or gift card.


Mars Hill Elementary School

We work with each teacher/classroom to get the most forms sent out and returned. We also ask PTO to help us in getting forms filled out and returned. We offer the teachers an incentive (extra goodies for their room) If all students turn in forms.



Remember, to earn dollars for supplies, tools and equipment, have parents and friends link their Ingles Advantage Card to your school every August.