Order Your Tools

This website allows schools to redeem their Ingles Tools for Schools redemption dollars. After logging into the system, you will be able to select and purchase products for your school using your redemption dollars.

There are two easy ways to enter an order. If you know the product you wish to purchase and the item number, please use Quick Order. If you wish to browse for your product, you may enter the product description in the "Search our Site" box, or you may click on any category listed on the left of screen to locate your product.

Suggested Products

Suggested Prouducts

Electric Pencil Sharpener 9" x 12" Construction Paper (50 sheets) Kaplan Colored Playground Balls (set of 6) Double-Sided Message Board I Was Caught Doing Good! Pencils (box of 12) Chubby Brushes Duracell Procell AA Alkaline Batteries (24-Pack) 25-Player Rhythm Band Kit Rocks and Fossils Sand and Water Exploration Table 4 Shelf Storage Cabinet Waboba Lacrosse Set Digital Camera Calc-U-Store Pocket Chart Teacher Shears Backyard Books (Set of 8) Preschool Games 4" Geared Mini Clocks - Set of 6 Reward Sticker Bus Digital Audio Hub Listening Center with Case