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2023 - 2024


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Earning Dollars

Download the 2023-2024 Coordinator's Guide.

Our program is for Pre-school through High Schools and does include Home school Associations. Please keep in mind that Ingles' Tools for Schools calculation is based on the percentage of spending of all schools in the Tools for School program. We provide the following information to help you understand why the key to this program is linking cards each year!

At the end of each period, Ingles calculates the spending of participating linked customers for each school. The next step is to then calculate the total spending for all schools combined. Each school's spending is then calculated as a percentage of total spending for all participating schools. Each school then receives their percentage of that periods TFS Program's budget.

The more cards you have linked, the more likely it is that you will receive monies. Please keep in mind, you may call our Program Coordinator to verify how many customers you have linked to your school. Please visit our section on ideas on how to increase your participation.



Remember, to earn dollars for supplies, tools and equipment, have parents and friends link their Ingles Advantage Card to your school every August.