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2017-2018 Tools For Schools

Coordinator's Guide

Important Dates

Program Start Date: July 16, 2017
This is the earliest possible date to start linking cards for the next year to the desired school. Because the Tools for Schools program is not a carry over program, each person must be re-linked each year in order to achieve maximum success in the program.

Program End Date: May 26, 2018
This is the final reporting date for the school year; final amount earned will be posted. If materials were not purchased throughout the year, this is when most schools purchase their remaining items.

Order Dates:
Over the duration of the program, schools may order at any point. For those who worked towards goal items or if dollar amounts have not been used, June 16, 2018 is the final day to spend the amount earned.

Collection Period Dates:
Open Enrollment Begins: July 19, 2017

Please remember you must re-link your cards every year. The more you have linked the more likely it is for you to earn dollars.

Updated information of your school's account will be posted according to the following schedule.

PeriodDatesPosted to Website
1July 30 August 26September 1
2August 27 September 30October 6
3October 1 October 28November 3
4October 29 November 25December 1
5November 26 December 30January 5, 2018
6December 31 January 27February 2
7January 28 February 24March 2
8February 25 March 31April 6
9April 1 April 28May 4
10April 29 May 26June 1



Remember, to earn dollars for supplies, tools and equipment, have parents and friends link their Ingles Advantage Card to your school every September.