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Ingles Tools for Schools Overview

Ingles Tools For Schools PosterWhat Is The Tools For Schools Program?

When customers sign-up for the Tools For Schools program and make purchases using the Ingles Advantage™ Card, Ingles will give back to the school a portion of the total sales. The portions can be used to purchase computers and school supplies for the schools.

How Do Customers Sign Up?

The sign-up is a one time process that will take place at the beginning of the school year (Note: participant must sign up each school year to enroll for that year). The school that is designated by the customer is linked to the customer's Ingles Advantage™ Card until May 1st of the current school year. Ingles will maintain a cumulative total for the school (only one school can be designated per household) the customer has selected and will provide the reward to the school on the pay out period date.

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How Can My School Earn More?

  1. Put a computer logged on to the Ingles website at student/teacher and booster events so they can link online during the event.
  2. Call your local Ingles Store manager and have them visit key events or fairs at your school. They are an excellent voice for the program. They will sign folks up for the Advantage Card and then link their cards to your school. Store telephone numbers are available on
  3. Pick a particular item that your school can work for at the beginning of the program.  Encourage the entire community to help your school get that item. Send updates home with students to keep the community informed of their progress.
  4. Get your schools website involved. Provide a link to the Ingles website
    ( directly from your site. Parents who wish to link on line can do so just by going to your site. Also, maintain monthly updates on how your school is doing on the program.

Visit the Ingles Website often and read the weekly insert for special Tools for Schools incentives brought to you by some of America's best food companies.

What Purchases Qualify?

All purchases made using the Ingles Advantage™ Card qualify (excluding gas and fuel).

How Do I Link My Ingles Advantage™ Card to My School?

You can link your Ingles Advantage™ Card to the school of your choice. Go to our Link Your Advantage™ Card page to identify participating schools and relate your card to a particular school. Schools that are not registered should contact the Tools For Schools coordinator to register at 1-800-635-5066, Ext. 421.

How Do Customers Find Out What The School Earned?

Approximately once every month during the program we will post each schools standings on this website. To view your schools available redemption dollars, select one of the "School Standings" links to the left.